Services Include:


PROCESS SERVICE: Legal papers served in all types of civil, domestic and criminal cases. We service the entire world.

BUSINESS INVESTIGATIONS: business information and due diligence information and records of any type on any business entity, both in Italy and overseas.

Rating and monitoring of credit worthiness, identification and verification of assets. balance report verification and forensic auditing. asset recovery. Offshore corporate, financial and asset investigations, international investigations conducted by our multilingual staff and through our global network of associates, debtor tracing, identification of attachable overt and covert assets. recovery and collection of debts, production of documentary evidence of illegal or unethical competition, search and identification of violation of industrial secrets, search and identification of the authors of damage to industrial property or image.  Threats and harassment search and identification of the authors of threats, harassment, blackmail and extortion. Plain clothed and uniformed guard services, verification of  unfaithful and unethical business practices, verification of background, curricula and references. candidate psychological profile tracing, verification and documentation of violation of employment terms, simulated purchases conducted in order to verify quality and correctness of retail and service businesses, verification of infringements. search and identification of promoters and distributors of patent infringement organizations, verification of unlicensed or unethical competition and identification of unlicensed organization promoters, verification of documentation, witness tracing and statement taking, liaison with medical service providers, transport organization, enquiries carried out by investigators with hotel management experience, property search and valuation, title and lien verification, document retrieval, tax planning. Search of press items related to persons or corporations, certified translation of legal documents and interpretation to and from english by court appointed translators, tracing of persons and certified delivery of legal documents, tracing of witnesses, interviewing and statement taking, surveillance with video or photographic documentation.

Execution of highly confidential enquiries or fiduciary services.


PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS: Pre-post matrimonial investigations, juvenile activity checks and monitoring, child custody with verification and documentation of guardianship entitlement, asset and patrimonial searches, missing person tracing, execution of highly confidential enquiries or fiduciary services.

PERSONAL PROTECTION: Our Personal Protection Services Division is specialized in comprehensive personal protection with emphasis on discretion and prevention. Trained Agents provide all requisite services to ensure your personal safety. Our expertise is offered to dignitaries, public figures, business executives, celebrities and tourists, catering for the individual or groups. Agents are specifically selected in order to suit the assignment’s particular requirements, thus ensuring optimum efficiency and convenience. Your requirements will be evaluated and discussed with you in depth, all risk factors and other related elements will be identified and assessed.

Our male and female Agents training is not limited to Personal Protection but also includes other primary functions such as foreign languages, social deportment, security driving, first aid, fire prevention, I.E.D. detection.

A visiting business-person frequently needs a local Executive Personal Assistant more than a Personal Protection Agent. We cater to this need by providing Anglo-Italian staff that can organize all your travel arrangements, program meetings and develop business contacts, negotiation interpreting, business intelligence and security driving.

FOREIGN VISITOR SERVICES: Many principals who visit Italy bring with them their own bodyguards. These operatives are a vital part of the principal’s protection program, but they do have certain limitations. We strongly believe that it is vital to include at least one of our Personal Protection Agents as part of the protection team in order to provide direct knowledge regarding local conditions, customs, threats and requirements. This offers significant advantages such as:

FIREARMS: it is next to impossible (the only practical exception is for Senior Diplomatic Security Personnel) for a foreigner to legally bring arms into Italy. Our Agents are all C.C.W. licensed and have knowledge of national laws regarding the carrying and use of firearms.

TRAVEL PLANNING : for any protection program to be effective an in-depth knowledge of the area, routes, traffic patterns, weather conditions and possible threats is essential

LIAISON – Co-operation of local police departments and authorities is of utmost importance. A local Agent will be able to liaise with the local authorities.

LEGAL COVERAGE: all our Agents operate under our corporate license and are authorized by the Ministry of Interior. We are not self proclaimed “minders” or “security chauffeurs” and are therefore able to dialog with influence with police officials and local authorities. In Italy, only licensed PI companies can provide plain clothed security personnel. When dealing with potential suppliers of security personnel we strongly recommend you demand seeing their corporate license.

LANGUAGE AND CUSTOMS: having a local team member that is knowledgeable of local customs and traditions is a significant advantage and will solve and anticipate potential problems, delays and incomprehension.

EVENT SERVICES: if you have decided to hold an important event in Italy (convention, board member’s meeting, etc.) we can provide our assistance in order to supply or coordinate service contractors, conduct location risk and vulnerability analysis, liaise with local authorities, organize travel routes, conduct “dry runs” with your staff and general “problem solving”.


ELECTRONIC COUNTERSURVEILLANCE: Radio-spectrum analysis from VLF to SHF frequencies in order to identify covert audio or video transmitters using any  modulation system, either analog or digital.

 Electronic and physical examination of all telephone systems and switchboards in order to identify covert listening systems.

 Electronic and physical exam of all rooms, furniture and fixtures with a Non Linear Junction Detector in order to identify covert electronic circuits, of any nature, even switched off or no longer functioning.

 LASER and Infra-Red spectrum analysis in order to identify surveillance systems using these band spectrums.

 Electrical and Electronic cable examination.

 Acoustic leak examination.

 Physical structure examination of the entire site in order to verify it's global degree of security.

Computer security examination in order to verify the presence of surveillance software or hardware applications, Virus check and hacker protection check.

Application of propriety anti-tamper seals (both visible and invisible) to all inspected systems and areas.

At the end of our inspection, we shall deliver a detailed technical report together with a list of suggestions and solutions for site security optimization.


SURVEILLANCE: Employed by spouses, companions, businesses and insurance companies, We observe, document and evaluation a subject's daily activities and/or lifestyle. We are available to provide this service, for as little or as much time, as deemed necessary to accomplish the client's goals. We are inconspicuous, confidential, professional and successful. We utilize high quality video and photography equipment.

SKIP TRACING: Missing persons; witnesses; debtors; acquaintances. With a high degree of success, we locate people both locally and throughout the world.

BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS: Discreetly obtaining appropriate and pertinent information on individuals, employees, plaintiffs and/or defendants. This type of investigation can be tailored to meet your individual requirements and can provide any or all of the following: Criminal, domestic and civil records; driving records; employment status and history; financial assets and banking information.

CHILD CUSTODY INVESTIGATIONS: Physical evidence collection; witness interviews.

REPOSSESSIONS: All types of property; locate and return collateral to the legal owner; working for lending institutions state-wide and throughout the nation.

COUNTERSURVEILLANCE: Residential and business de-bugging. We visit your home or office and electronically search for any surreptious telephone or transmitter listening devices and cameras. We work with all types of situations that involve domestic, criminal and civil matters.



Since 1997, this well known private detective agency has been based in Brindisi, Italy. We have provided the highest quality service in the areas of business investigations, private investigations, surveillance, repossessions, process service, personal protection, foreign visitors service and electronic countersurveillance.

Thousands of law firms, insurance companies, businesses, banks and individuals throughout the nation and the world, have used our services. With over ten years of experience in the profession, we have established a reputation for honesty, integrity, perserverance and professionalism. With our vast network of computerized information and background sources, we are able to obtain the most up to date and hard to find information. We handle all types of private investigation matters.